Senrioka Afterschool: Orange Oct 2021

Everyone in Orange Class has been making great progress since the begging of the school year and we have been studying hard to reach our potential.
This month in our textbooks we have been discussing different ways to express clothing using adjectives such as bright and dark. One of the fun projects everyone has enjoyed getting involved in, is designing their upcoming Halloween costumes.
They have been using a lot of the new vocabulary to make posters describing their chosen outfits and enjoy talking to each other in English about the different materials and colours they will wear.
We have also been improving a lot of our original writing in our journals. Everyone is being very careful to write clearly and neatly in their journals in preparation for the YLE tests. Keep up the good work everyone!
またジャーナルへ書くオリジナルのライティングも上達が見られました。ケンブリッジ国際児童英検(YLEテスト)の準備として、誰もがジャーナルにはっきりときれいに書くように細心の注意を払っています。 みんなが頑張ってくれることを祈っています!







Takatsuki Ibaraki


Nursery School