Takatsuki Afterschool: Blue September 2021

It can be challenging to start something new, but the Blue class has made great progress over the past six months! It seems that they have adjusted well to both their routines in the After School Program along with their new lifestyle in their elementary schools’.


The Blue class students have been slowly developing an interest in the content and characters in their Power Up textbooks. We are working on understanding how to take the YLE exam along with methods we can use to improve on test taking skills.

Blueクラスの生徒達は、4月から使用しているコース教材(Power Up)の内容や特徴に興味を持って授業に参加しています。現在は、11月に行われる「ケンブリッジ国際児童英検(YLEテスト)」に向けて試験形式に慣れると共に、受験対策にも取り組んでいます。

The Blue class lost no time in familiarizing themselves with the Cambridge LMS online program and KidsA-Z app we use on the iPads and computers.













Takatsuki Ibaraki


Nursery School