Takatsuki Afterschool: Purple April 2021

The Purple class got off to a great start this year. In addition to playing various introductory and ice-breaker games that helped us to know each other better, we also put our minds together to make a list of classroom rules. In two groups, the children talked with their friends and wrote down some classroom rules that they would like to see enforced.

We then combined both groups’ ideas to create the final list of rules that we will all follow throughout the year. One of the rules is to ‘always be polite to our friends and to the teacher’. We talked about the importance of being polite as it creates an environment in which we are all happy and able to learn effectively.

Finally, the children wrote down the rules in their journals. We have been doing our very best to apply the rules each time we have a lesson, and we agreed that we are all responsible for reminding each other of the rules we agreed on.








Takatsuki Ibaraki


Nursery School