Takatsuki Afterschool: Yellow August 2021

In the Takatsuki Yellow Class, we use Kid’s Box 4 to guide our lessons each week.  Every unit has a different theme that challenges the children’s vocabulary, grammar, and reading.  This allows the students to learn new information and practice speaking on various topics each class.


At the start of each class, we play a quick game to help with our speaking and vocabulary, as well as to review past topics. This is a fun way to warm-up before getting into our textbook and test prep.


During Unit 2, we discussed sports; which sports we like, which ones we practice, and which ones we want to learn how to do. Our class project for this unit was to create our own balls by layering balloons filled with sand. The children enjoyed inventing their own ball games afterwards.


In Unit 3, we learned about our health and bodies, and even how to make music using our bodies as percussion instruments! The children then made their own drums using everyday materials, and we practiced creating our own rhythmic patterns.











Takatsuki Ibaraki


Nursery School