Yamada Afterschool Purple December 2021








Purple class enjoyed a fun “wack-a-mole” style game to finish the latest unit. A sentence will be made such as, “This is the season that comes after fall.” Then they will have to be the first to find the winter card.

Purpleクラスでは、「モグラ叩き」スタイルのゲームを楽しみながらユニットを完了しました。「This is the season that comes after fall. (この季節は、秋の次に来ます。)」など、読み上げられた文章を聞いて、当てはまるカードを探し、見つけたらピコピコハンマーで叩きます!どっちが早くカードを見つけられるか、子ども達も白熱していました!







After playing the game the children count their cards to find the winner. We also use this time to review any words that the class thought were difficult or didn’t understand. This game is one of their favorite ways to practice vocabulary.










For our end of year Christmas class we made some and decorated some Christmas trees. The children could then make a Christmas card, and write a nice letter to anyone who they would like to. They really enjoyed being creative and learning even more about all the different Christmas traditions.








Takatsuki Ibaraki


Nursery School