Yamada Afterschool Yellow January 2022


During one unit, we reviewed body parts so that we could study types of injuries and ways to heal them. For our review example all of the children were given sticky notes and allowed to label Kelsey. They had a lot of fun!

In another unit we learned all about theater and spent a lot of time learning about Greece and Greek plays. At the end of the unit we spent time making a laurel wreath crown, a symbol of the Greek god Apollo. The Yellow class really enjoys using their hands, so it was nice to spend time learning about Greek culture while also doing a craft.
Recently we learned about maps and the symbols meant to represent different things on the map, like mountains, rivers, cities and railroads. The Yellow class took these symbols and made their own maps and then we played a game of battleship. They really enjoyed using their new knowledge of symbols to play this game!







Takatsuki Ibaraki


Nursery School